I Got Arrested For DUI, Should I Get A DUI Lawyer?

After getting arrested for Drinking Under the Influence (DUI), is it really necessary to get a DUI lawyer? It sure has its perks, like the knowledge of the court system, plea bargain details and administration procedures.

A DUI lawyer is very advisable for second and third offenders. Though having a DUI lawyer would be greatly beneficial to any DUI case, first offenders who did not cause great harm or were not involved in reckless driving, can choose not to get an expert. If the DUI case involves a minor inside the car or blood alcohol content over .12, an individual can opt to go through the case without the aid of a lawyer.

The best initial action is to plead guilty, especially when you are sure of a conviction. But, be sure to be aware and have knowledge on state laws and DUI penalties. Pleading guilty is wiser especially when you had a BAC higher than .11, and conviction is certain. It must be considered that for the first DUI offense (specifically cases that did not cause injury), judges can give a predictable sentence which infrequently varies. Even if you want to plead guilty, be aware that a DUI lawyer can counsel you and can lessen the gravity of your sentence. And, if your BAC is from .08 to .11, conviction is unsure. In cases like this, a DUI lawyer can aid in better bargaining your plea.


States also have sentence bargaining. This can be of great help, especially when a plea of guilty earns a sentence of a long incarceration period. In cases where an injury or death is involved and BAC is higher than .15, then it would be advisable to get a DUI lawyer to help bargain a better and gentler sentence.

For a second DUI offense, it is definitely a better option to get a DUI attorney. Some things to consider are their state of specialization. The DUI lawyer of your choice must specialize in the DUI law of your state or the state of your trial. Know that DUI laws vary for states and a DUI attorney who knows the court system of your state would be a better choice. The good news is that you can always get yourself a lawyer at Pietyhilldesign.com

The initial step is to schedule a first consultation with an DUI expert. This will surely help you in deciding whether the lawyer of your choice is the correct person to help in your case. americanguineahogassociation.org, who take pride in their DUI law expertise, are more than willing to take a look at your DUI case and help you get it dismissed.